How to turn off avast email signature

You were about to send an urgent email but all of a sudden you got an error message. Oops… a server error occurred, and your email was not sent. (#707), this error usually happens when the client for Gmail is not able to establish the connectivity with the servers.

The Avast antivirus is a great program, but it too has some feature which can irritate you the most. Especially if it is invoked in the middle of the work.

Supported browsers and email clients

If you are an Avast antivirus users and using the free version of it along with some significant desktop mail clients, then it inserts its signature in all your messages by itself. Some of the e-mail clients are Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Zimbra Desktop, eM Client, Inky, Claws Mail, etc.

While using it with the Avast antivirus, you will see that it is automatically inserting the email footer signature in all your outgoing emails. This can make a wrong impression of yours to others. We are here with the method to turn off Avast email signature.

You will get this issues in email sending if you are using web-based clients with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer. The Opera is the only browser which does not face this issue.

Disable Avast Email Signature

Avast email signature

Are you tired of the unnecessary Avast email signature in your essential emails? You can try the steps to remove it permanently.

Run the avast antivirus program in your system. Go to the general tab and check for the Avast Email Signature either it is enabled or disabled.

Just disable it if you find the Avast email Signature enabled in your device. However, in most of the cases, it is found that the Avast is giving its signature even after it is disabled from the general tab.

In such cases try to enable the Avast Email Signature and then disable it. This will resolve your issues. If it still does exist then, uninstall the Avast Program and then reinstall it.

The Avast keeps the signature feature enabled by itself. So you can also try this step to turn it off.

  • Open the settings in your Operating System.
  • Opt for the Active Protection tab then.
  • Now check for the behavior option.
  • Open the behavior tab form the options.
  • You will find a checkbox named ” Insert Note into a clean message (outgoing).”
  • If you find it checked then uncheck it.
  • If it is already unchecked and still getting the note added automatically then first check it and then again uncheck it.

Now compose a mail and send it to someone. Then check for the existence of the Avast signature in the email. If it does not exist now, then you have successfully turned off the Avast Email Signature. Now you can enjoy your mailing without any hesitation.