Troubleshoot Canon Printer Error b200 for 2 or 4 Cartridge

canon printer error b200

It’s a numb feeling when you are unable to fix something, especially printers. I mean, not that its a disgrace, but generally being able to DIY tech error makes me feel like a king if no less. Now, if you are stuck with your Canon Printer Error b200, its time to upgrade.

You got here, it’s a good start so far. I am going to give you an error solution which can resolve this nightmare of error.

 Canon b200 printer error

Normally Canon printers either come in 2 or 4+ cartridge package but both require different procedures of troubleshooting. Yes, I got both the solutions right here for you.

Solution Pact- Canon Printer Error b200

Starting with the 2 cartridge printer solution, you will be able to find a step by step guide to help you get on with the troubleshooting solutions. Categorizing Canon Printer Error b200 for 2 cartridges, here what you should know.

A solution for 2 cartridges Canon Printer

 Canon b200 error 2 catridge

To have a fresh start, you should restart your printer to see if that works to resolve your Canon printer error B200 state. However, if that doesn’t work then follow these steps to resolve the issue.

  1. You won’t be informed which cartridge creates a problem so you will have to keep a rough idea as to which cartridge you replaced last. very gently remove the cartridge from the slot and move on to the next step.
  2. To 2 Cartridge Printer made by Canon doesn’t really works the solution until and unless you replace the error-ridden cartridge completely. To change the status of this error, you will have to replace the cartridge, you can’t solve the problem without changing it. Replace it with a used one or a fresh one to get it going.
  3. To emphasize on troubleshooting solution, you simply have to do a nozzle check or cleaning cycle.

After carrying out this process, you have to be patient to experience the change. However, to work on the solution with 4+ cartridge printer you will have to follow another step.

4+ Cartridges Canon Printer Error b200A Solution for 4+ Cartridges Canon Printer Error b200

let me explain you this in a very easy way. you will have to get your hands dirty by opening the cradle, remove the cartridge from there. Follow the steps after this to resolve the error completely.

  1. Open the printhead by lifting the liver from the cartridge cradle. Remove the printhead from the printer slowly.
  2.  Now, you will have to restart the printhead after putting it back in the position.
  3. you will have to restart the cartridges by putting them back in position one by one without any hassle.
  4. After you are done with all the above technical parts, you will have to keep the printer off for at least 5 minutes to let the error subside and the solution to kick in.
  5. Replug the printer and restart to check the difference.

Wrap Up

You have got to try these steps to resolve the error. However, on the other hand, if it doesn’t work. Feel free to interact with us to know more. We have a set of solution which might help on a different level entirely.

Canon b200 error solution