5 Simple Hacks to Turn Off Steam Auto Update – Quick Solutions

You must have heard about the amazing entertainment forum called Steam that offers maximum gaming facilities. The online gaming platform is a trending craze for many that have also garnered some serious backlashes from its users. All thanks to the inability to disable the auto-update feature easily! It is one of the most common issues surrounding this online gaming platform. Thus, the call for proper solutions to mitigate this concern is on the rise. If you are also looking for the finest ways to overcome this error then you have come to the right place.

Turn Off Steam Auto Updates – A Major Concern

Steam has a lot of auto-update features that serenade the screens in the middle of an ongoing game. That is quite troublesome for sure and makes the whole gaming schedule a time-restricted process. In that case, here are some of the effective ways that will work wonder to get you out of the depth-

Manual auto-update disable

Turn Off Steam Auto Update

This method is known to be a permanent solution that draws satisfactory results to disable the steam updates. Try out the following steps-

  • Click on Steam client tab to open
  • Select the library tab present at the top section of the screen
  • a drop down menu will enlist the game options. click on any of the specific ones that you need to disable the settings
  • click on it and view properties before choosing tabs to update

There you will find the automatic update options down below the navigation panel. You will need to make changes in the default options and it will allow you to choose the settings for download. make sure to look for the updates that are necessary for your system. If you need to go back t the earlier settings, you can always alter it at any time.

Apart from that, you can also keep a particular game in your high priority list that will only allow updating the selected settings. In case, you are looking for some rather easy solutions, read on.

App manifest editing

It is one of the best files that facilitates manual editing to alter the settings for steam auto updates. You will require a text editor that is an advanced feature in this respect. One possible example is Notepad++ that you can download easily. After you download the text editor, you just need to edit the parts that you wish to alter.

Here is a workaround for the best way to do it-

Simply search for the steam directory and get the access for steam apps from the folder. You can get its access from the default location of program files as well. Simply click to open it and made the necessary changes to edit the steam client.

Startup Steam Disable

If you have updated the file to the startup menu, it can also bring a lot of hassle. Thus, you must try to disable the updates from it before making any change into the system. For that, you can try out the following steps-

  • Click on the steam client
  • Open the client window and select the steam menu
  • Click on the drop box and change the settings

This method also works well to garner you the relevant solutions in the mean possible time to turn Off steam auto Update. It will allow you to disable the auto-updates and make your task easier. Try out the above methods and see which one works best for your aid.