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Lets Go Back To The Static Web Design – Know The 6 Reasons

The days of dynamic websites are over and the Static sites are in again. Gone are the days when there used to be fancy animated characters dancing over the web page, making them look appealing. Today both the large and small Enterprises are back to using static websites.

Static web designing only uses HTML and CSS without any scripting. If you want to change the content, you would directly need to change the source code. And Unlike the dynamic web page, the static one remains the same every time you visit it. Let me explain the difference in this way. Facebook and other social networking sites are dynamic website design whereas a service website, say a website about books, is static.

The question arises what made static website designing come back? Was it because of the changing Technologies, familiarity, or something else? Or is it just the Classic ‘What Goes Around Comes Around’ scenario?

Whatever the reason may be, they are now back, and back with a bang. And if you still confused about the dynamic website or a static one, here is a list of all the reasons why you should choose static website designing.

Static Web Designing


In the static web design, there is no database involved. Hence the danger of code being injected with a virus is minimized. Also, there are no plugins and dynamic software that hosts the static website. Hence no threats from those regions as well.

Moreover, static websites are much safer when it comes to security because they are not dependent on CMS plugins. All the dynamic functions of the static website are handled by APIs and JavaScript. This eliminates the risk of someone hacking this website.

Dynamic websites call multiple content services employee when that makes them easier to hack. A study reveals that about 70 % of sites hosted on WordPress have the higher risk of being hacked because they lack maintenance and upgrading.


The most common error that you come across while loading the website is that the ‘connection could not be established.’ This issue commonly occurs due to the database errors. Static websites are more reliable because they serve the essential HTML files and others easier to host anywhere like on a CDN.

So when there is an attack on the server the dynamic website goes down for few hours while the static website is redirected to the closest node. And hence it is always up and running.


An absence of the database makes the static sites fast and easy in loading. As compared to the dynamic site, it is 10 times faster. Another reason for a static website being fast is that it can be loaded from the node that is nearest to your browser.

Research revealed that approximately 47% of people expect a website to load under 2 seconds. And almost 40 % of people will not wait longer than 3 seconds for the website to load. Hence having a static website will be better if you want to get more traffic and reduces the abandonment rate that occurs mostly due to the slow loading of the site. That is one good reason why you should go for the static web designing.

Hosting and Price

I have already told many times before that static websites use basic HTML files. These files take less space, thus making the hosting of static websites a lot cheaper as compared to the dynamic websites. Organisations to go for static websites save quite a lot on the cost. They divert and engage these resources in automated builds or integrate it for adding in the latest development or changes in the system.


Now that your website is up and running what do you do? You handle the traffic of course. However, handling huge traffic on a dynamic website could be a difficult process. It needs some complicated code relay on the server. On the other hand, you can easily scale up the static website that uses HTML files by increasing the bandwidth.

Technological Advancement

Sometimes back the website of online stores had to rely solely on dynamic websites and integrating the complex coding along with dealing with the tedious scripts.

But today, tools like Magento have changed the static website for the businesses that are shop centric. Snipcart, the JavaScript-based Shopping Cart, integrates the functionalities of e-commerce websites to the static website. This washes out the requirement for dynamic websites. You can manage sales and product inventory through the Snipcart dashboard and integrate its API with the inventory management software systems and the shipping service providers.

Some static website hosting platforms and static generators allow GitHub integration along with free custom domains CDN and SSL certificates. Some hosting providers go one step further and deal with the password protection, errors like 404, and proxies.

Taking everything into consideration, it is safe to drive that static design websites have ended made a terrific come back. And from the way they are making their space, it looks like they are here to stay offering more advantages as compared to the drawbacks. For any business, a website is their digital face. Hands while selecting your digital face you must consider all the necessities and factors that you need to implement in your site. And you must not miss assessing all the new platforms and tools.

There are many static website design services that you will find around you. However, you should only go what the static web designing company that is reliable and have good reviews. It wouldn’t hurt to talk to them unclear all your inhibitions and doubts. Going for a static website design or dynamic one is an important decision. Your choice will not only attract traffic but also boost your business. Hence be clear about everything before you make a choice.

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