3 Sure Ways to Troubleshoot Your SSL Connection Error!

fix ssl connection error

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Most of the times I have heard people saying that even though all my connections are perfectly secured, then why is it showing SSL connection error? Well, maybe because it forgot to do its job! Yes, they are machines and are not bound to work at all times, unlike us humans.

The hard life we have!

Do not get disheartened thinking your money got wasted on buying a useless piece of technology. Here I have sorted out some evident solutions to your problems regarding SSL connection error.

Let’s get started!

Before I begin with the solutions, let me give a brief about its significance. SSL is an evident part of our internet browsing and its error may come up in windows as well as Android devices.

This Secure socket layer functions into establishing a secure channel with the end to end encryption. It promises confidentiality while accessing your private information like in case of online transactions.

Since the connection is a two end process, hence it is required to have the connections secured from both ends. If anyone of the two terminals fails to respond to the server, then this protection protocol will not be able to serve its purpose.

Now, let us see how to resolve the issues that you are facing regarding SSL connection error,

 ssl connection error

“This connection is untrusted”

Most of the times you get this pop up as a form warning message that prevents you from entering into an unauthorized website. One reason for this is because the server connection has a link with an SSL enabled website.

Thus you can not get a clear access to it. This is when your internet browser will show you this message and will help in preventing any kind of unauthorized entry to your system.


ssl connection errorCheck the date and time settings

One possible reason for this issue is incorrect date and time setting on your system. If your system does not have the date and time in sync then it may arise some SSL connection error.

The reason for this is because the browser will not be able to verify the SSL certificates. Hence, make sure your system has an update timezone setting.

Disable antivirusssl connection error

One easy way to prevent the SSL connection error in both windows and android device is by disabling the installed antivirus in it.

Any security app may also interfere with the functioning of SSL and thus require its disabling or uninstallation.

ssl connection errorClear Caches and cookies

At times, your chrome browser may also give you painful time and own up to the SSL connection error.

The best way to tackle this by clearing all the cookies and cached files that are no longer valid and only work as a barrier to establishing a secure SSL connection.

Same is with the expired SSL certificates that are no longer of use. In this case, you have to renew the certificates.

To avoid such cases, you can report the issue to the webmaster and it will remind its owner to renew the SSL certificate of his website.

So, that’s all with the quick and easy tips to get your SSL connection go working without any hindrance. There are more in the upcoming posts so do keep a check on each!

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