What Can You Do If Your Printer is Not Printing Due to ‘User Intervention’?

printer is not printing

What can you really do if your printer is not printing? Windows versions always have a catch up their sleeves. And in this case, it wants you to intervene with the printer functioning.

As soon as you see ‘User Intervention Required’, your printer takes a knee. Some huge names such as Epson, HP, Canon, Kyocera, etc. have taken precautions for driver optimization.

By and large, Windows compatibility, DLL patches, and other integrations have, more or less, been aimed to smoothen your printing. Furthermore, Windows constantly rolls out updates which actually repairs printer driver errors in more than one ways.

printer is not printing

Now comes the printer stuffocation!

‘User Intervention error’, if we boil down to basic facts, stops your printing process. But that is simply one side to the story. In addition, I would like to say- it’s fixable.

Breaking it Down to Literal Sense

Windows Operating System versions have been known to faceplant several electronic peripherals from time to time. And, printers have always been the first choice as prey.

But that does not mean that we only have the best OS in the world to blame. What ‘User Intervention Required’ means to you?

It’s you who the printer needs. Firmware neglect, not updating drivers, unclean hardware, etc. are some of the most common things we love to do with our printers.

Continuous usage causes a roller jam with shards of paper and outputs. You can be so much more than being a bit rot for your printer,

So, when you leave an empty chair for your printer, the following error message shows up-

printer is not printing

It is not always like maintenance flaws causes this error message to prompt you. I have seen considerable number examples when software malfunctions are also the reason if your printer is not printing.

I must say at this point that this issue has other observable effects too. This printer error may also result in lost connections, not taking print command, print misalignments, etc.

However, print quality is a much too least case scenario, although. But what should we take care of is the type of assistance your printer is looking for.

Be the Scrum Master With Spooler Cleanup Tool

Cleaning the spool has much more advantages than resolving ‘User Intervention’ printer error. You can start by checking Spooler Accessibility from ‘services.msc’.

If Spooler Service is not running, you need to start it manually. If, in any case, you have issues with the service, employ the Spooler Cleanup Tool in your assistance.

Print Spooler Cleanup Diagnostics removes any non-Microsoft print accessories. And, it is easily available too. The download link is available on the Microsoft site.

Additionally, it gathers other necessary info as well-

◊ Information about the printer driver

◊ Printers

◊ Basic Networking

◊ Failover Clustering

◊ Other Cleanup Modes

The best part of this tool is the stored information can be retrieved easily. So, you can access older error messages and history anytime.

 What Else Can You Do If Your Printer is Not Printing?

There is another tool- Printer Troubleshooter, although it’s built-in. This diagnostic troubleshooter helps you identify the cause and remove it.

To start with, you need to run the following command in your Windows Run box-

msdt.exe /id PrinterDiagnostic

printer is not printing

A small tip: You can also run Hardware Troubleshooter. It asks for troubleshooting specifications. Among the list of all hardware, find the one labeled with your Printer name and select it.

Moreover, you can also restart the printing of the last document. You can do this from your Control Panel option and then navigate to Control Panel items.

When you see your printer name, right-click and choose the option that says- See What’s printing. There is an option which shows you the status of your printer driver and ongoing options.

Choose the last document which you were printing and tap on the restart option. I am sure this solution will come handy if your printer is not printing.

Also, don’t forget to update your printer driver. Every update contains necessary patches and fixes to old bugs. ‘User Intervention Required’ sometimes gets resolved with a simple update.

Apart from these, you can always try switching USB ports, checking the proper blinking lights, restarting the printer, and unchecking all offline boxes.

Tools Are More Like Rainwater Garden!

I would suggest you keep the tools as your last resort. Printers are the calculated assembly of some technologically advanced parts, designed to be portable. So, their maintenance should be your priority.

Personally, I prefer using general cleanup techniques, hardware checkup, software updates, etc. as my primary steps. And so far, they have worked for me.

‘User Intervention Required’ in case of your printer is not printing, is very common. It is! 

All you need to do is take care of the machine. And if you have used the above-mentioned basic steps, I hope the two tools help you out.

Do let me know in the comments section. If you have any other issues related to your printer, get in touch with me. We together are sure to work out the solution, aren’t we?