Fix Printer Error in 5 Minutes | Easy Hacks to fix Driver Ink and WiFi Issues

fix printer error

Can’t seem to understand how to fix problems with your printer? I can probably help you out in settling the issues. I have faced similar challenges too and know the importance of a printer for students and professionals in the present day.

In this article, you can find solutions to some commonly reported Printer Error messages. So let’s move ahead and check them out one after the other.printer not working

How to update Printer driver?

Printer driver update failedUpdates are critical and help your printer give excellent service. If you are not able to update the required driver, it does create problems with printer performance. So how do you update the driver?

To update the driver, click on Start and type in Device Manager. Now scroll through the list of devices on the left panel and look for your printer.

When located, right-click on the available device and select Update DriverNow Windows will connect to the web and search for the required update, ensure you have an active internet connection available.

If you have any pending driver updates Windows will fetch the files and install them automatically. Also, if you wish to fix the printer error manually, visit the respective brand’s official website and download the files.

Fixing wireless printer connection problems

Printer Wifi error

The technology of printers are developing every day and the addition of wireless connectivity has definitely made things easier for users.

But availability does not confirm a bug-free software. If you are not able to connect to your device wirelessly here is the solution.

Click on Start and access the Control Panel. Then select Devices and Printers to start the troubleshooting process.

Next, choose to Add a Printer and then select Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer. Now, from the list of available printers select the one you want to connect with and click Next.

Ensure that your PC and Printer both are connected to the same network.

Windows may prompt for permissions to install necessary drivers, simply agree with them and let the installer complete the rest. Finish the additional steps to fix the printer error and connect to the device.

Resolve ‘Check Ink/Print Cartridge’ Error Messages

Printer error connecting to server

Printer error with ink, toner, and cartridges are also one of the most common problems that printer users look solutions for.

This is a purely hardware related issues and you will need to work with internal hardware to deduce the problem.

No reason to worry, just follow the mentioned steps and you will easily fix it in a matter of minutes.

Switch you printer device on and open the cartridge access door, wait till the carriage is idle and only then should you make the move.

Now, push down on the cartridge to release the lock and then remove the same. Then clean the connecting nozzles and remove the attached protective tape and slide it back into place.

Repeat the process for both multicolor and black ink cartridges and take a test print to ensure the solution. This should fix the problem and let you take prints normally.

Avoid Printer Error – A Few Easy Tips

Its always better to avoid such situations than scamper for help during times of stress. I have some very easy to follow suggestions for you. Keep these few key things in mind and you can avoid 90% of all known Printer errors.

Printer driver update failed

  • Always keep your printer driver up to date for better performance
  • Download only compatible and official apps to handle wireless connection. Third-party apps can cause conflicts in device and app codes.
  • Stay connected to the web when installing/setting up your device. This is important to avoid problems during the installation process.
  • Avoid using crushed and crumbled papers to avoid Paper Jams.
  • Keep an eye on the available amount of ink, refill in time to avoid surprising yourself later on.

So these were some helpful tips that I too follow to keep my printer working and available whenever required.