The Printing Error Jungle: What to Do If Your Printer Died?

printer error Windows 10

Welcome to the jungle! Most people keep a sharp eye on Microsoft Twitter accounts for Windows news. But in November 2017, something unexpected rolled across the digital world. A certain weekend patch bug reinforced itself with Dot Matrix Printers. This specifically targetted printer error was more than just a part of the error log.

Epson printer error

Epson saw the truth, but it was late. The October patch wasn’t that nasty, but surely November was. The situation got a bit chaotic when Microsoft confirmed the reportedly flying series of tweets and complaints.

The Dot Matrix bug, Win10 1703-1709 upgrades, and one unconfirmed forced 1609-1709 upgrade, and a memory violation; could the situation be any worse?

When Microsoft Betrayed the Hopes of Rescue!

Bugs and Windows 10, it seems the bond gets stronger every day. Now we all know the popularity of Windows 10 on the planet.

It is surely not an irony, rather something which we should take care of. When the confused soup was getting hard to digest, Microsoft acknowledged the so-called special printer error category.

And with that, Dot Matrix was hit!

Epson supposedly had released a finer version of their printer software update. And the printer meltdown adversely affected the printing performance.

Windows 10 error

The reason was simple enough. Any kind of Windows forced update caused the printer to fail. Despite a safe and sound installation, some Epson SIDM and Dot Matrix printers actually died.

I remember when Microsoft accepted the bug presence-

After installing this update, some Epson SIDM and Dot Matrix printers cannot print on x86 and x64-based systems. … Microsoft and Epson have determined the cause of the issue and are working on a solution. This problem is not related to the printer driver, so installing current or older print drivers will not resolve the issue. Microsoft will provide an update in an upcoming release.

Windows wasn’t dissed, Epson was.

But yes, Microsoft confirmed the bug was in their patch, and not in Epson printer driver. And, with every monthly patch roll-out, the bug hit Epson Dot Matrix Printers.

Some Good and Some Bad News

I wasn’t quite sure back then about the gains from the patch. Honestly, I am still not sure about the cause of the Epson printer error.

However, we cannot ignore the significance of the bug. Yes, a bug has significance in the 21st-century digital market.

Due to the patch error, internal system software and drivers went through some major transformations. And do you know what the funny part of the story is?

The world took action by uninstalling Epson printer drivers and other software. This, in any circumstance, didn’t help.

The bug was a part of the monthly Windows patch update. So, it got carried forward with consecutive monthly updates.

As a result?

People, including me, who were using Epson Dot matrix printer, encountered a certain printer error-


printer error


The Anniversary Was a Milkshake Duck

All you need to know for understanding the solutions is that CDPUserSvc is a Windows process. So?

So, you can easily find it on Windows Task Manager. But, simply an “End Process” won’t help you gain a smooth printing again.

printer stopped working

Windows has always been the beautiful rose with thorns- for every patch release, there have been bugs. I have seen certain cases when even the printer refused to take a print command.

But here is the thing. For every Windows 10 update error, there have been few easy fixes. I won’t earmark them as the best ones, but they are worth trying.

This printer error is specifically non-generic. That is, simply uninstalling the Windows 10 update won’t really help.

So, what I suggest you is you can try turning OFF Windows Automatic Update. This has its own advantages.

Disabling updates won’t allow Windows to download the latest patch. Therefore, the printer error causing bug would be restricted out of your system.

The Printer Error Took Everyone in Flames

When I mentioned the generic solution, I wasn’t being a humblebrag. The principle of Windows bugs in patches is something which you cannot overcome with simple uninstallation.

Several tech experts have designed clever scripts to disable CDPUserSvc service. But I won’t recommend those solutions unless you have “being a coder” perks.

Also, I must acknowledge that Windows patches and updates are necessary. Several major fixes and updates are being released together with the monthly patches.

So always keep a sharp eye on Microsoft news and discussion forum. And, don’t forget to mention your take on this in the comments section.