How To Start Steam In Offline Mode | Expert’s Solutions

Steam provides a digital platform for video games. Valve Corporation developed it. It offers “digital rights management(DRM), matchmaking servers, video streaming, and social networking services.”

Steam provides a platform for playing games online against friends. When you wish to play games online, you will find some servers. It will connect with your device and configured automatically according to the people who are already connected with that server.

Steam offers offline mode also. It installs offline against bots. It has some limitations to that. Steam’s offline mode is very problematic because Steam doesn’t permit you to use the offline mode for two weeks consecutively. It has a timer installed in it after two weeks if you do not connect your device with the internet then you cannot access the offline mode.

Offline Mode

Here are some guidelines which help you to fix the problem.

Solution 1: “Change the date.”

Steam has a date counter which counts the date for two weeks. After that, you are not able to access the steam offline. Sometimes it has observed that if you change the date one week earlier then it will help you to access steam online.

  • For applying this method first press Windows button along with R, it will launch the Run application. Then write “ms-settings:” in the dialogue box. It will start the settings applications.
  • When the settings application is opened to you then search for ” Time and language”. Click the option.
  • After that, you will find Date and Time menu. Usually, your pc has default settings of “Set time automatically” and “Set time zone automatically”. Disable it by clicking on Change option.
  • After that, a new Window will pop up where you change the date and time one week earlier and save the changes.
  • In the next step, you have to launch the Task Manager. For this press Windows and R button simultaneously. It will start the Run application.
  • When the run application has opened, type “taskmgr” which opens the task manager.
  • Now re-launch Steam. It will help you to start Steam in offline mode.

Solution 2: “Open game from the installation folder.”

In this method, we try to bypass the Stream client and force the game to open without an internet connection.

  • Firstly open the Steam directory. The default location possibly in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam.
  • In the next step, navigate into the following folders
  • Steamapps<common
  • After that, you may able to see different games installed on your PC. Select the game which you want to play offline with the help of Steam.
  • In the last step go to that game folder, inside that open the game folder “game”. Inside that game folder make another folder named “bin”. Now you may see two folders named win32 and win64. Among the two open the folder according to your PC configuration.

Apart from this sometimes the antivirus software conflicts with the Steam. It has a lot of processes going at a time to make your gaming experience best. However, some antivirus marked these process as a sperm which results that some process stops working. You have to make those process as an exception in your antivirus.


Hope this article will help you to fix the issue. If you have any suggestions, please comment. Nowadays Steam is very popular among the users. Despite being these limitations most users prefer it for playing games in offline mode.

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