Jailbreak iPhone 6: Have A Look For Detail Information

jailbreak iphone 6

Jailbreaking is the process where any user gets the access to lock Os files on their iPad or iPhone. After jailbreaking, you get the access to the root level of your iPhone 6. It allows running custom codes so that you can install unauthorized apps.

Jailbreaking is a risky process but if you want to try it here is the process of how to jailbreak iPhone 6

Phone Jailbreak Warning

Apple itself offers much advice to its users on jailbreaking. Apple suggests that if you jailbreaking your iOS device it may lead to security, shortened battery life, disruption of services, and problems on software updates. So

What Should You Do Before Jailbreaking iPhone?

Before jailbreaking, you must have a clear idea about the advantages and risks of it. Always take a backup before jailbreaking. Because jailbreaking can clean up all the content from your iPhone. So make sure you have backed up all your important content before jailbreaking.

How To Backup iPhone Before Jailbreaking

To take a backup for jailbreaking, at first install Syncios Data Transfer and then connect your iPhone to the computer. Then start powerful iOS backup tool. Now click on the “Backup” button. Select data for the backup from your computer and then click on ” Start Copy” option.

Methods To Jailbreak iPhone 6

jailbreak iphone 6

Step 1: At first, download the new version of Pangu Jailbreak Page. It is a free tool, you do not need to enter any registration code for it.

Step 2:  Then disable Passcode from Settings and then Touch ID & Passcode.  Now turn off Find my iPhone from the Settings then iCloud and then Find my iPhone. Now enable Airplane mode.

Step 3: Please start the Pangu 9 application which you had downloaded previously. Now right-click on the Pangu exe and choose the “Run as Administrator” option.

Step 4: Pangu can take a few minutes to detect your device. Once it detects the device, tap on the blue Start button

Step 5: After that, click on Already Backup to proceed with the jailbreak.

Step 6:  When it completes 55%, it will reboot your iDevice. At 65%,  you need to enable AirPlane mode.

Step 7: When it completes 75%, it will again prompt you to unlock your iDevice, and to run the Pangu app. Now start the Pangu app on your iDevice.  If you are not to find the app search for the “Pangu”. It will also install another app WWDC. When the jailbreak is done both the apps will be removed from your iPhone.

Step 8: Tap on the Accept button so that you can give access to Photos app. Click on Allow when you get a popup on your iDevice.

Step 9: Wait for a few minutes to complete the progress bar. Reboot your iPhone or iPad. Once the process is done the Pangu tool will inform you that your iDevice is “Already Jailbroken”.

Apply the mentioned methods. Hope you will be able to jailbreak iPhone 6.

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