How To Install Android on PC | Get Easy Steps Here

Android is one of the most popular operating systems nowadays. People often think only smartphones and tablets support android operating system. They think they can not install Android on their computer. But in this article, you will get to learn how to install Android on PC.

Loads of people have been using Android for a very long time. You download various android apps on your system. But sometimes it slow downs your phone or you can not download many apps on your phone. To get rid of that you can download android apps on your PC.

It is a pleasure to play android games on the computer. Because big screen always grabs the attention and people also enjoy.

There are many ways to download Android on your system.

Basic Requirements to Download Android on PC

-Android x86iso


-1 GB Flash Drive

-A computer that is able to boot from Flash Drive

-A formatted USB drive with the 8GB storage

Here are the best ways to install Android on PC

Exe Package Installation Method

If you do not know how to install Android on Pc then try this step. You can easily download Remix OS if you have Windows 7/8/10. You need to grab 64 or 32-bit package from Remix OS download page. Start the installation tool .exe and then follow instruction shown on your computer screen.

Install Remix OS to your HDD. Or you can also install Remix OS onto a USB drive by creating a portable OS.  

Single-Boot USB Method

Using a single boot USB method you will be to install the only Android operating system on your system. You do not need to buy waste too much computer storage for android. Remix OS runs smoothly on PC with 1GB RAM.

Use a software that can burn.ISO file into USB and creates a bootable USB. You can use Rufus for that. It will help to burn or write.ISO file into USB.

A 3rd party partitioning software is also required that can partition HDD from the boot. You can use.ISO from Hiren’s BootCD. It can easily create a bootable.ISO on CD.

If you are using Rufus for Remix OS installer then make sure to enable -File system: FAT32, Quick format.

Create a bootable disk with the help of an ISO image.

If you made a bootable CD for Hiren then do not create a bootable CD for Remix OS. Better to use Rufus to create USB.

Now boot your system into the boot menu and then select the driver for the Hiren BootCD. Now select “Parted Magic” and then start GParted and create a new partition table using available HDD space. Again reboot your computer into the UEFI or boot menu.

Now select the USB drive which contains your Remix OS installer. Press enter when a Grub Boot menu appears on the screen.

Set boot flag to ” INSTALL 1”. Now you need to search for SRC= DATA= CREATE_DATA_IMG=1 and then change it to SRC= DATA= “INSTALL 1”

After a few minutes, an installer wizard will appear. Then you need to select the target drive for the OS installation.

Select “Do not format” and then agree to “install Grub Boot Loader”. You can also select to not allow read or write permissions for the system folder.

Again press enter key to begin the installation. Wait for few minutes and then restart your system.

Now go to the Setup screen and select your comfortable language, WiFi setup, user agreement, activate Google account. Now android installation is done. You can enjoy it on your PC.

If you have any queries or you want more details to install android on your Pc then you may connect Android Support anytime. You will get a detailed description and quick response to your queries.

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