PS4 NAT Type Failed: Get Amazing Tips to Resolve

PS4 NAT Type Failed

We often receive ‘PS4 NAT Type Failed’ error message and it mainly occurs when we are unable to hear other people in video chat. You may also face the same problem if you do not have proper internet settings. This is a very common problem and nowadays, developers are developing newer troubleshooting approaches to fix this issue.

Have A Look At The Different Types Of Network Address Translation

Network Address Translation procedure has the ability to translate a public IP address to a private IP address. ISP can focus on several hundred clients at the same time by using this mechanism. Additionally, the public address can be replaced by the private address if we want to change the port number. Here is an overview of the three different types of NAT.

Type 1: This system is connected to the internet directly and it can also connect other PS4 systems very easily.

Type 2: We can connect this system to the router and this is not at all a difficult task for us.

 PS4 NAT Type Failed

Type 3: We do not need any established DMZ setup or open ports if we want to connect the system through the router. But sometimes we may face some major problems with the network connection or voice chat.

You may receive ‘PS4 NAT Type Failed’ error due to incorrect network settings or corrupted network firewall. But the problem can be efficiently resolved by changing the type of NAT. Here are some excellent troubleshooting techniques to fix this issue if you are unable to change the type of NAT on your own. Try out the steps carefully.

Method 1: Configure PS4 Network Settings Manually

To check the IP address, you need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Open settings and try to navigate to the main screen of PS4
  • Go to ‘View Connection Status’ and change the IP address
  • Check the setup network connection to configure PS4 network settings manually

 Configure PS4 Network Settings Manually

Follow a set of on-screen instructions to change the type of NAT. Now you can access and operate all the modules if you have performed all the steps successfully.

Method 2: Enable Universal Plug And Use UPnP On Your Router

You can use UPnP for all NAT-enabled devices because it can automatically configure NAT table to perform all the necessary mechanics. It is a special type of networking protocol which can allow network devices to establish a functional network service. Go through the steps mentioned below:

  • Log into your router and try to enable the universal plug
  • Go to UPnP menu and click on the service option
  • Now, you need to save all the necessary changes
  • Finally, check the internet connection to apply power cycle for both the devices

Enabling the universal plug is a little bit complicated task. If you are unable to proceed, you can try an alternative method because this will surely help you to resolve the issue you are currently facing.

Method 3: Enable DMZ Server And Forward Ports For Your Network

If the previous two methods are not working properly, you can try to set up a DMZ also. The demilitarized zone is a physical subnetwork. It can make a connection between a network’s external facing services and an untrusted network. But port forwarding is the act of redirecting a communication request from one IP address to another router.

  • Log into your router and navigate to the network settings
  • Open the DMZ menu for entering the IP address of the PS4
  • Now you need to add different ports on the port forwarding table on your router
  • Save all the changes and apply a power cycle

In this method, you have to use PS4 as your DMZ host and this technique is extensively used to make services on a host where a protected network is available.