A Step-Wise Guide To Convert M4A To MP3 On A MacOS

Convert M4A To MP3 On A MacOS

All of us love listening to music on iTunes, but we need a platform for converting the audio file. Most devices do not accept M4A and hence changing to MP3 is necessary to listen to music in other devices. If you are trying to convert any audio file from M4A to MP3 on the MacOS platform, read the article till the end. The audio recording can be done through QuickTime and can be changed using the iTunes, Windows and Cloud.

How To Convert M4A To MP3 Using iTunes Platform

As an essential step, launch iTunes on the Mac device and move to the Preferences section and tap the general option there.

Convert M4A To MP3 Using iTunes

  • Tap on the Import Settings icon and link “Import Using” option to MP3 Encoder.
  • Specify the options to bitrate MP3 options. Close Preference section
  • Move to the music list and choose the audio files to convert. Drag and drop M4A files into iTunes if they are absent in the iTunes library.
  • Create MP3 version from the file menu or advanced settings. Once you select it, the new version will take over the music list along with the original format.
  • The user can save MP3 audio files anywhere else by moving them out of iTunes. This step will not delete them from the iTunes library. Keep in mind that some recordings will modify while changing the audio file from M4A to MP3 but this will not affect the quality of sound.

Convert M4A To MP3 Using Windows

You can convert an M4A to an MP3 audio file using the Windows forum. First, choose the “iMedia Converter Delux” option and tap ‘convert’ present on the toolbar.

  • Now browse through the storage options and select the files you want to change.
  • Select Choose Option icon after selecting the music file and tap on ‘Audio’. One can see other formatting options. Each symbol has a different quality setup.
  • Play the songs in the new format and check the changes. Remove the iMedia Delux to avoid buying options and other issues.
  • The alternative method is not a web solution.

Convert M4A To MP3 Using Cloud Convert

Cloud Convert is another alternative to transform M4A files to MP3 audio files without installing any application. Just upload the data and the Cloud Convert site will convert them for you. There is no need for extensions. This site converts audio, video, document files with ease. The customer can also use Zamzar and Online convert. Specific procedures will be similar.

  • Choose ‘Select File’ option from the Cloud Convert Window and select the audio files to convert. Drag the data to the conversion Window if Cloud Convert homepage does not work. You can choose the file from DropBox, Google Drive and URL.
  • Now choose any conversion option. Choose the MP3 from the audio format list. Customise the settings because Cloud Convert transforms automatically. Adjust the output settings to change audio channels and control the sampling frequency.
  • Click the option Start Conversion and download once the task is complete. You will find a green icon after downloading the music file. You can save it on the default binder or create a QR scan code for downloading it in a smartphone. Use the ‘Create Archive’ icon for compressing the music files.  

Concluding Note For The Music Lovers

iTunes is the music apps all of us love to use. But it will be difficult if we do not change it into MP3 platforms. M4A audio files are still new for the iPhone users and small companies. That is why they want MP3  formats for storing music. The guidelines that we state in the article will help you to change the format and listen to the music with ease.