Useful Tips To Clear Cache and Data From iOS Device

Clear cache and data

Apple devices are user-friendly and also freely accessible. That’s why these are widely used by a massive number of consumers across the world. Despite its amazing features and advantages, sometimes it gets clogged up with a lot of unnecessary files. Additionally, it will slow your device down due to a huge number of cache and app data accumulation.

iOS devices can collect and store essential information from some social media sites including Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter for future use. To increase the speed of your iPhone, it will give continuous notifications to uninstall some unnecessary apps. In iPhone storage, there are some other files that do not fall under the labelled categories. These are nothing but call history, notes, voice records, Messages, Mail attachment etc.

Here are some brilliant solution tricks that might help you to clear cache and data. Try out these steps carefully.

Method 1: Clear cache and data from the Safari


Clear cache and data


Safari app is mainly using cached data to store relevant information. If we need, we can easily access this data. For this method, you need to ensure that you have some free space on your device. Go through the steps mentioned below to delete the cached safari data.

  • Go to settings and choose the safari option
  • Try to clear history and website data from your device
  • Press ‘clear history and data’ option again to confirm

Method 2: Clean App cache from settings

There are a lot of apps available that can store cache data for improving the User experience. Some web browser like Safari and Google Chrome will allow you to delete cache. To clear safari cache, follow the steps below:

  • Open settings and select safari
  • Choose the ‘Clear history and Website data’ option
  • Now you need to go to privacy to delete all the browsing data including cookies, cached images, files.

Follow a set of on-screen instructions to complete all the steps successfully. If you are using the latest version of windows on your desktop, then iFreeUp is an essential tool that can remove unnecessary cache and log files very easily. It can also manage various unessential data to boost the performance of your iOS device.

But, the cleaning process is a little bit complicated. If you are unable to proceed, you can try another useful method.

Method 3: Uninstall and reinstall apps to clear cache and data

Some data-heavy apps including Facebook, Snapchat do not have cache cleanup facility. In that case, you need to delete the application and reinstall it to clear all the documents as well as data. Make sure you have all login information before performing this method. Try to delete all the offline contents after reinstalling the apps successfully.

Here are some important offline contents:

  • Movies and series in Netflix
  • Files in Google drive
  • Other cloud storage apps
  • Videos in educational apps
  • Music in Spotify

So, these are some excellent ways that can assist you to clear cache and data from your iOS device. Though some of the methods will take long hours to complete the whole process but will surely help you to get the desired result.