How to backup iphone on itunes

iPhone and Ipad are popular devices among smartphone users. They are known for their superior quality, speedy performance, security, and robustness. However one of the problems with iPhone is that you cannot use an external memory card to maintain a backup of all your mobile data. iPhone devices stores all our photos, health data, documents, messages and so. it is very important to maintain a regular backup of all your mobile data. This is done so as to prevent your iPhone data from getting lost due to system crash, theft or some other reason.

Apple provides a very limited option to create a backup of your data- one is using iCloud and the other is using iTunes. Here we will discuss how to create a backup of your iPhone data using iTunes.

Prerequisites for creating a Backup:

Before you create a backup of your iPhone data on iTunes make sure you have the latest iTunes

installed on your computer.

  • Check you have the latest version of iTunes installed on your  OS. If not, follow the below steps.

For Windows OS- Launch the iTunes. Go to Help on the menu bar at the top of iTunes. Under the drop-down menu option, select the latest updates available. Follow the well-guided instructions to install the latest version.

  • For Mac OS- Launch the App store. At the to top of the window click on Updates option. If an update is an available click on Install.
  • If you don’t have iTunes installed on your Mac or Windows OS then go to the official site of Apple. Download and install the latest version of iTunes available there.


How to create a backup on iTunes Automatically:

Here are few simple steps which will help you create a backup of your iPhone device on iTunes.

  • Connect your iPhone to your Macbook.
  • Open iTunes on your system.
  • On the left side of your iTunes window, you will see a Device icon next to the category drop-down menu.
  • Select Summary option from the sidebar.
  • Select “This Computer” under automatically backup option.
  • Click Done when you are finished

How to backup your iPhone manually via iTunes

Follow the below mentioned steps to manually update your iTunes.

  1. Connect your device to your Mac Computer.
  2. Open iTunes on your device.
  3. Click on the Device icon next to the category drop-down menu on the left side of the iTunes window.
  4. Select Summary from the sidebar.
  5. Select BackUp Now under Manually BackUp option and Restore.
  6. Click Done after finishing.

If you face any issue while creating a backup of your iPhone or iPad data on iTunes then feel free to reach Apple Customer Support team.