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Ughhhhhhh! I hate the sight of this annoying “steam connection error” pop up completely while I am in the middle of my gaming session. It just happens to spoil my game or completely ruin the video I was live streaming.

Are you also facing this same issue? Then let us be best friends on that note! And just like a true best friend, I will share some incredible ideas to prevent this unwanted error message popping up in middle of your streaming.

Starting with the very first solution,


As a gamer myself, nothing is more irritating to me than not being able to finish off my game due to some stupid random pop up blocking my way to winning. So, whenever I see this error message unwillingly serenading my screen, I quickly restart my system without any delay.Image result for restart

This one is an easy and obvious solution as restarting your computer will help you in the course to clear all the caches. It will also help you to clean the system states and unlock the files by reset programs.

Restart all your network devices like modem or router as at times they might as well contribute greatly to the steam connection error. Hence, you may consider restarting all your hardware devices, built-in software or operating system.

At times, bad network setting can give a tough time in creating issues like steam connection error hence restart your system to troubleshoot it completely.


Withdraw all the external connections that are not needed to be attached to your computer as this will prevent any possibility of any unwanted hindrance due to outside devices. Unplugging the undesirable devices will cut off the drivers that might be hindering the working of steam.

This way, the specific drivers of the extreme devices will not be able to interfere with the normal functioning of the system.Related image

After unplugging all the attachments, reconnect each one by one and locate the one that was causing all the troubles. Relaunching the system should be able to solve the maximum causes of errors.


Check whether you have the latest version of windows and if not, then update to the current version at the soonest. While checking for your windows update section, if you find any latest update available then install them.

After that check again for any update recommendation to ensure you have the current update on your operating system.

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After complete installation of all the recommended updates, relaunch steam and see how well it is working.

Another major point here is to update the drivers as they also play a major role in providing information to the operating system. If they happen to work downgrade, then you may face the issue in the efficient functioning of certain hardware.

Updating the drivers is very important as they help to establish normal functioning of both software and hardware by acting as an intermediate between the two.

You may also consider reinstalling your driver as in some cases, a faulty driver needs to be reinstalled completely in order to work as per need.

What other method do you utilize while facing the issue of steam connection error? Share it with me in the comment section below and I will try to implement it too. Till then, try out my ways and see how good does it work for you!Image result for like

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