Facing Epson printer Error? Try This Out to Fix The Problem!

Epson printer error

Epson printer error

Is your Epson printer always jamming? Then you should consider naming it Bob Marley! Jokes apart, I know such situations are painfully annoying and hence I have listed some quick fixes to troubleshoot such Epson printer error. Don’t worry, my solutions are not as lame as my jokes!

So, let us start with the first one,

The forever jamEpson printer jamming

If your printer is working too slow then take it to Usain Bolt and ask for some tips to run fast. Okay, this was the last lame joke I promise!

So, here coming to some serious business, the main reason for your slow printing in Epson printer is because of huge memory consumption. Some other factors may also greatly affect the printing speed and hat are- high resolution and incorrect driver selection.

Pace it up!

High resolution of pictures can be a great reason for measuring down of your printing machine. To fix this Epson printer error, you should add more memory to your computer so that your printer can perfectly go along without lagging.

Another quick solution would be switching from two-sided printing to single mode. By applying the simplex mode of printing you will require more paper but it will make your work faster than usual.

printer errorLow-quality prints

If your printer is making your presentations embarrassing due to extremely low printing quality pictures then you should fire it immediately. Oops, I did it again!

Well, I personally hate this situation when my printer is working all fine but the final outcome is horrible. No matter how much input you have given in making your project but bad quality print will make it look terrible and sloppy.

Run a quality Check!

Quite literally! Check all the input drivers of your printer machine minutely to diagnose the actual problem. Your print driver should accurately match the media or paper that you have selected. Also, check whether the selected paper type is in accordance with that of the printer driver. Lastly, do not forget to check whether the fuser is well-adjusted with the selected paper type.

Coming to the next Epson printer error,

Sudden death Epson printer error

This thought may come to your mind when your Epson printer stop working suddenly out of nowhere. This is one of the most common Epson printer issues that I have faced hugely. most of the times this issue arises when you forget to keep the correct kind of paper in the tray.

Fix the fault by defaulting

Mixing up two printers is one major contributor to this problem so make sure you are using the one at default to do all the printing job. Also, it is important to make sure that all your cables along with USB and hardware drivers have a secure connection.  At times, weak network connections also make the work tedious so check whether your printer driver has a strong connection.

A quick tip!

Restarting solves a lot of problems, and hence you should not underestimate the power of it. At first, start with restarting the software application and lastly reboot your system.

Epson printer error

So, here are some of the easy DIYs that I always apply whenever my Epson printer error decides to pay me a visit. I hope these tricks work for you too. Try out these solutions and let me know in the comment section below how well it worked for you.

Till then, fill in the inkjet and keep printing!