Corrupt SD Card via Chkdsk : Quick Fix

SD card is a storage device where you store your essential files and vital data. If your SD card gets corrupted then the files like pictures, documents, pictures stored in it become inaccessible.

Nowadays the era has become a paperless era, and SD card plays an essential role in that. Most of us rely on SD card regarding personal data storage. The most important things it is portable but SD cards are easily get corrupted. To make it corruption free, some data may get lost.

“Symptoms of corruption of SD card.”

You may get the following indications while working with your device and the SD card is connected to your device-

  • When you click on the SD card drive, suddenly the black screen appears along with an error message. And you are not able to access the files.
  • Sometimes you may be noticed that some of the files, images are missing or when you read the SD card through a system, no folders appear on the screen or shows some error messages.
  • It also happens that you are not able to see the contents of the SD card.  

Probable reasons for corrupted SD card

There are so many reasons which are responsible for the corruption of SD.

  • It mostly happens with us that we remove the SD card from a card reader but the files and folders from the card are still opened.
  • Sometimes you rename, delete or even remove files from it when its contents are opened in your computer.
  • Sometimes your SD card gets infected by virus and malware.  

Resolve corrupted SD card via chkdsk

We suggest you some methods which help you to fix the SD card by chkdsk.

  • Connect the SD card with the computer by using a card reader or USB cable.
  • After that go to the start menu and then type “cmd” in the search bar and then press Enter.
  • You will get exe in the program list.
  • In the next step do right click on cmd.exe and then select Run as administrator option. After completing this, you will get the command Windows.
  • In the Window, type the following code- chkdsk h: /f
  • After typing this command, hit Enter and wait for the processing time to fix the SD card.

Apart from this when your SD card get affected by virus and malware, then you can scan your SD card by antivirus software.


Hope the above methods help you to fix the corrupted SD card. SD card issues are always immediately solved. It plays a crucial role in our daily life. If you have done with this method and you able to fix the problem with your SD card. Then don’t forget to share your experience with us.