Easy Guide To Perform A Factory Reset On A Chromebook

A factory reset can erase all the information including the files in the download folder from your Chromebook’s hard drive. Powerwash is a kind of factory reset that is mainly used to perform a system recovery. We can resolve most software issues by implementing a powerwash because it does not require the creation of any Recovery Media. There are several reasons to powerwash a Chromebook.

Users often face some significant issues with their Chromebook’s hardware or software due to the incomplete installation of different applications. In that case, powerwash is the best option because it can fix those errors by deleting all the unnecessary changes in the Chromebook. Sometimes, it will take long hours to reformat hard disks or reinstall an operating system. But, powerwash can increase the speed of your Chromebook by clearing the local data.

Common Problems With Chromebook Device

Chromebook is a well-known device that is widely used by a massive number of people across the world. Undoubtedly, it has some brilliant features and can smoothly run on Google’s Chrome Operating System. However, sometimes it comes up with some troublesome issues. Here are some major problems with the Chromebook device that Chrome users can come across anytime.

  • Chrome Operating System is running very slowly
  • Chromebook is crashing due to several reasons
  • Second screen connection is not working
  • Web pages loading problem
  • Bluetooth is not connecting over chrome OS
  • Cannot connect to a strong WiFi network

Chromebook Device

Smart Tricks to perform Factory Reset to repair a Chromebook

In this article, we are providing some brilliant troubleshooting techniques that can help you to perform the Factory Reset or Powerwash on your Chromebook Device.

Method 1:

  • Firstly, sign in to your Chromebook and move all your local files
  • Go to advanced settings and click the powerwash button
  • Follow some on-screen directions to reset your Chrome device
  • Finally, restart your device

If this method is not giving the desired result, try an alternative approach.

Method 2:

  • Sign out your Chromebook account and click the Powerwash button
  • “Reset this Chrome Device” dialog box will open
  • Now you can remove all your accounts and local data from the device

The machine is restored to its factory state when you have performed all the steps successfully. If this method does not work or you are unable to proceed, you can try another method.

Method 3:

  • Go to settings and try to add some other accessibility features
  • Next, enable screen magnifier and tap dragging
  • Click on the powerwash button to remove all user account and reset your Chrome device

You have to wait at least 10 minutes after completing all the steps successfully because powerwash will take some time to detect all the critical errors. Lastly, do not forget to set up your account and preferences properly.

But, when we will do powerwash on our Chromebook from the next time, all the essential data files will be stored in the cloud automatically. In some cases, you will lose all the contents from the local download folder. Make sure you have kept the backup of your important data files in Google drive.

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