Strain Out The Items From Netflix Watched List – Here’s How

Clear Continue Watching On Netflix

You can not deny the fact that Netflix is your source of entertainment as well. In the modern age of rush, Netflix has made our life a little less boring. With its constant supply of amazing movies and series, it is our constant companion for entertainment. Netflix is the ultimate destination to find the best entertainment channels. It offers a pool of shows and movie of all genre offering one for each. However, one annoying thing about this is the need to clear out the list from the continue watching list. Here I tell you how to clear continue watching on Netflix account.

Clear Continue Watching On Netflix

 Clear Continue Watching On Netflix

You just need to go through the following steps to do the needful-

Select a profile and go through all the misfits that you desire to remove from the list. You can do it simply by hovering over your profile and accessing the section under my account. Once you are in your profile and selected “my account” option, open the viewing activity. It will show all the history of the shows you have watched on your Netflix account. Besides the URLs, you will see little “x” buttons. You just need to click on those “x” buttons and it will clear up the shows that you have already watched from the viewed list. Once you have done that, it will no longer show you the URL in the history list. This way you will be able to quickly remove the series or the particular episode from the watched list.

You can do it easily from your Netflix site with no need to access it from any other Android device. The feature also offers you the option of removing any ratings or reviews that you had previously left on the site. Ou can switch it at any time just by clicking on the “my Activity” section of the page. It is a guaranteed solution that surely works to bring out the necessary solutions.

Users have time and again raised the concern wishing if they could simply mark the episodes that are already watched. Hopefully, Netflix will take this into consideration and introduce some major features to enable this option. Till then, you will need to do the task manually and remove the watched shows from your activity list.

Netflix is an amazing platform to watch movies and TV shows. With its huge demand, it is safe to call it the future TV. Its interface is also best in providing the ultimate user experience. However, one slight glitch is in its settings that automatically saves the last watched episodes in the continue watching list. The concern arises when there is no visible way to clear them up directly keeping users in question to find the reliable answers.

Thus, to ease up that query, the above method will work best. Try out the solution to clear continue watching on Netflix and see if it works best in your aid. If you liked the post then do not forget to share it with your peers.