Block YouTube Channels To Customize Your Watching Experience

block youtube channels

Though we love to watch YouTube channels sometimes people ask for how to block YouTube channels. There are many reasons for that. YouTube has become one of the most popular video-sharing services. If you spend more time on Youtube there is a big chance that you may encounter different YouTube Channels which you can not like.

YouTube automatically recommends new videos according to your search history. Sometimes you do not want to visit those unwanted videos but it comes automatically.

There are multiple ways to block a YouTube channel. Applying those ways you can easily control over what type of channels you want to see. Below are a few guides follow them to block unwanted YouTube channels.

Denying YouTube Video Recommendations

If you do not like any particular YouTube channel then try to avoid open those videos. Block certain videos which you do not like. If you do this several times YouTube will stop recommending you to watch those videos from that particular YouTube channel.

Click on the three-dot icon to deny a YouTube channel. Then click on dislike option. You can do this with different YouTube channels to avoid them. If you do this you will never visit unwanted YouTube channels.

Blocking Multiple YouTube Channels With Video Blocker

You can block multiple channels by creating a JSON file. After creating the JSON file you can import it into the YouTube video Blocker extension. You can use a different text editor like Notepad++ to create JSON file. This is a very simple method to block YouTube channels.

block youtube channels

Blocking a Youtube User

Hackers are everywhere even on YouTube channels. If someone is hanging you out in your comment section, then you can easily make him silent. This will not block their channels exactly but you can avoid those channels by doing this method. In the future, if you get a recommendation to watch videos from those users you can easily avoid them.

Using Restricted Mode

If you do not know how to block YouTube channels then enable Restricted mode on your YouTube account. Restricted mode hides a lot of videos to appear in your recommendation list. If you do not know English do not worry about that. Restricted mode is also available in various languages. You can enable it by clicking on your user icon on the screen.

Using The Video Blocker Extension on Chrome, Opera or FireFox

This is one of the most efficient ways to block a YouTube channel. By using this method you can completely block any YouTube channel in three different manners. You can block either by channel, by wildcard or by keyword.

Channel item: If you want to block the user by channel then type the full name of the channel or copy paste the channel name because it is case sensitive. So make sure you are typing the exact name.

Wildcard: By using this process you can search the name of the channel which you want to block. You can block multiple channels by using this process.

Keyword: Enter the keyword to block the channel. Once you enter the keyword, video blocker will filter the recommendation channels.

Video Blocker will make sure that you will never get those unwanted channels in your YouTube account. Even channels will not be available if you search for them.

Hope you will be able to block YouTube channels if you follow the above guidance.