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The Future With Custom Web Designs: Top 5 Sites of 2018 By DesignRush


In today’s digital world, everything is becoming online. Be it business or a simple piece of information, we always look up to the web. In this context, the importance of custom web designing is coming into light. It is the best alternative of template based web design.

Accordingly, custom web design is the process of creating a website with your unique touch. It allows you to design a site according to your need. Basically, you can maintain your individuality and opinion on your website.

Since a website’s design is responsible for generating organic traffic, it is of primary importance. Therefore, making the site pretty is not enough. A web designer must take into consideration the target audience, organization’s requirements, function, and traffic. So, all these factors decide what impact a site will have.

As the custom web design started gaining prominence, the need for standing out from the rest increased as well. Every brand is trying to come up with something distinct to make their website look special. In case you are willing to discover the best designs divided into categories, DesignRush can help you out. Let’s take a look at the top five custom web design of 2018 ranked by this agency.

Supremo Academy

Supremo Academy changed the notion of education. It is basically a microsite, which allows graduates to enhance their skills. The organization was founded mainly for bridging the gap between universities and the real world. It allows you to make progress in the digital world.

The way Supremo Academy designed its page attracts young minds. You can see a touch of unique flavor on the site. At the same time, it balanced proper information and creativity is visible on the web page.

Once you entered the site, you will get a clear overview of what the organization is offering you with meaningful illustrations. Finally, every page will show an option through which you can tune in with Supremo Academy.


Nowadays, the importance of online finance is rising. NerdWallet serves as your personal finance website. It helps you to manage and take decisions regarding investment by comparing all the available products of various banks. So, it is the simple way of optimizing your money.

NerdWallet designed its site in such a fashion that you will consider it reliable. The website is neat and provides proper information. It is divided into categories, such as credit card, savings account, online broker, etc. Moreover, the site looks like an assimilation of trust and expertise.

Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo is a quite popular name among luxury car manufacturer. Once you enter the web page, first it will let you choose your market. The website is neat and to the point. You don’t have to search diligently in order to understand how it works.

Further, the passion for driving technology is visible on the site. It will manage to impress and attract the target audience. Therefore, Alfa Romeo is gaining organic traffic and capturing potential investors with proper web design.


Amazon is the most popular name for online shopping. The website managed to drag customers in with its simple yet unique design. Amazon’s site is organized and easy to use. The products are divided into categories and presented in an attractive manner. Further, you will get detailed specifications with one click.

Amazon sells a range of products. The web-design is neat and user-friendly. Thus, it gained popularity among both tech-savvy as well as the mass in general.


Netflix changed the definition of entertainment over the past few years. The first thing you will see when you open the website is it is free for the first month. The company builds its marketing strategy in such a way that potential customers won’t be able to ignore it.

Further, the page depicts all the available shows, including the ongoing and the old ones. The custom web design is creative and builds curiosity.

What Custom Web Development has in its Bag

A website can bring business. It overcomes the limitations of physical location and erases the boundary of places. Hence, you can go global with a site. A custom web development can give your business a headstart. So, picking the correct designer is of primary importance.

A professional web development service can help you to build the most appropriate site for your organization. Custom Web Development Dubai is a reliable name in this field. You can get some classy designs with a personal touch with this company. This organization is authentic and provides a number of facilities.

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